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Roll your own slow burning Cannagars!
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What Is a Cannagar?

No Mere Blunt

Much more refined than the hollowed out backwoods you and your buds used to smoke.  A cannagar is an experience for the cannabis connoisseur. Easy breathing and long burning, a well-crafted cannagar is the potheads equivalent to a fine cigar. 

The worst part is often the high price tag. A high quality Cannagar is going to cost upwards of $100. For those of us who grow our own marijuana- that’s a pretty harsh hit to choke down. 

With Brother Of The Leaf Cannagar Presses you can craft your own high quality cannabis cigars. Use your bud, mix in any keif, hash, or concentrates you want, then tie it all together with a blunt wrap or even use the fan leaves off of your plants! 

Cannagar MOlds

Sized for Every Occasion

With sizes starting at 2.5g for a relaxing friday night or the ‘Phat Boy’ tipping the scales at a full 28g, there’s a cannagar thats a perfect fit for any
smokers get together

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